I'm In Love with a Vietnamese Pig Called Frances Bacon by Sheena Vallely

I’m in Love with a Vietnamese Pig Called Frances Bacon

oil on wood

30 x 30 x 10cm. 2021

On a visit to London a few years ago, my good friend Maggie took me to play some tunes at a pub called the Conquering Hero. I spent half the night transfixed by a certain beast by the name of Frances Bacon, a Vietnamese pig owned by the publican and enjoyed by his family, who dozed the evening away in front of a roaring real fire. On my return to Bristol and walking up Pigsty Hill, I came across the discarded frame that this painting is on and as St Valentine’s day was fast approaching, there was no question that this famous pig was going to be painted on anything but this readymade heart. In the spirit of St Valentine my signature is concealed and only evident until the side and back are prized apart.

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