The Badminton Princess © Sheena Vallely

The Badminton Princess

oil on aluminium flan dish

30cm diameter. 2021


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In the first summer of Covid our neighbours held family badminton tournaments in their back garden and as they drank a little more, their shuttlecock aims towards opponents became all the more random and many alighted in our garden … on one particular tournament week Brun our border terrier had taken to staying out longer and longer in our garden until I went out to investigate and found Brun in her lair of > decapitated < shuttlecocks … she had chewed many to bits and such a number had been landing almost in her lap, that she just revelled in removing their irresistable marshmallow tops … and hence this commemorative painting and an excuse to enjoy painting on an aluminium flan tin with an edge echoing her ruff of shuttlecocks.

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